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A way to delay or disable automatic/pushed firmware updates

Being the nature of security cameras primary use when we are “away”, I’m asking that Netgear consider please allowing the user the option of whether or not to allow a firmware update to be pushed to “our” security system.


The community message board has plenty of examples where a new firmware update (automaticallly sent to base stations and cameras without our consent), cripple the system with bugs or problems, which require the user to be present to manually “remove and put back in batteries” or “press the reset button on the base station” or “resync the cameras”.


Many times these updates occur when I’m out of town, thousands of miles away and after all, this is my security system that goes down because of it.


It is a standard practice to allow the user to decide when to download updates because of this. How many Netgear engineers allow their Windows PC or iPhone to automatically run an update just as they are leaving out of town? Or how many businesses download updates/upgrades immediately after they are released? Very few. 


Security systems and forced/unmonitored updates don’t mix. Thank you!



 this is a really important option you mention here.  I also hope Netgear implements this asap


Exactly, I had this happen to me twice already. Away from home, they suddenly push an update to my cams. They all went down and only came back online when I returned home weeks later and manually synced them all. Meanwhile they also wasted 12 batteries that I put in full new, because apparently they'd been constantly trying to make contact to the base failing to properly update their firmware or something. What a **bleep**e way to work. This at the very least needs to be done at the user's and owner's request and chosen time. Like when we're close to the cameras.


We also travel a lot for extended periods... the last thing I want to happen is for any updates to be downloaded without my ok. I've paid a lot of money for the Arlo system which I think is great, however reliability of a security system is paramount and we all know that software updates for all kinds of devices are fraught with bugs.