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Arlo pro low battery notification?

Currently, Arlo only sends a notification for battery at 15%. It would be great to at least get a final notification for when the battery has nearly died. 15% is quite a bit of battery left and we may forget to change it. A notification towards the end of battery life would be great!


I so agree with this... Also from 100% to 15% it takes a month and I see that from 15% to camera dead happens in a couple of days.. This has happened twice in a row.


I would like for a notification to send out (via IOS) and an email - when the camera is just about to die - e.g at 5% battery remaining.


Or allow individual configuraiton of when and how (email vs. push) settings go out.  Once it gets to 5%, I want to have an alert at 4, 3, 2 and 1.  Once my wife gets the second alert, she'll make sure I prevent the final 3...