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Google Home and Chromecast Support with Arlo

I understand that Arlo does not currently support control with the Google Home or streaming with the chromecast. My question is why not, and is it on the to-do list? You have already done it with your other partners like Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, IFTTT, etc. You have the infrastructure in place for talking to other web services, so why not partner with Google? It would expand your market to all of the people who use Google's products, like myself.


In fact, IFTTT and SmartThings are already partners with Google themselves. So sure, you could use IFTTT or SmartThings to control you Arlo through the Google Assistant/Home, but you cannot do what your other smart camera competitors are doing my partnering directly with Google and their services.


For example, you could ask your Google Home to show you your front door on your TV.

"Ok Google, show me the Front door on the TV."


Or ask the Google Assistant on your phone to pull up the feed on your screen.


These are all things that you can do with other products. So why not Arlo? Why hold back?


Well said. I'm in the process of finding an alternative. No windows 10 app either. Very disappointing. Sad face.


Edit: Have to login using Chrome browser, enable Chromecast button in Chrome settings. Then cast to Chromecast with button on Chrome browser. 


Still, Ok Google would be nice Smiley Wink

NETGEAR Moderator

Arlo has already partnered with WinkSmartThingsIFTTTStringify, and Telguard. We are continuously working on additional partnerships and integrations to widen the options for you to use your Arlo devices in even more Smart Home environments. Keep an eye out on the community for new Arlo partner integration announcements.




^ @JamesC Like I said, I understand Arlo has already partnered with WinkSmartThingsIFTTTStringify, and Telguard. I just really want to push the idea of Arlo and Google together. Both companies always say there are continuously working on additional partnerships and integrations. Well then, why not just partner with each other?


^^ @xereon Thank you, and yes sure. You could cast the video stream of your Arlo to your chromecast if you open it in a compatible Google Chrome Browser then tell it to cast its browser to the "TV". But that defeats the propose!  We already know they have done this with the Apple TV. (There is an Arlo app for the Apple TV that lets you see the feeds.) So why not just make an app for Google's Chromecast at least... (just partner with them.)


Yes, this is almost rediculous. I can't imagine that there are any technical difference from Google home to Alexa...comon guys grab you some Google API, its delicious!


I would imagine the only thing really holding up such a connection is some sort of back end politics. I have heard of some companies buiding in capabilities with one company and promising not to build compatibility with others for set timeframes to give the "good guys" a competitive advantage.


I hope that is not what's going on here.


I was just about to outfit my home with Arlo cameras, but the lack of support for Google Home, Assistant, and Chromecast is a deal breaker. 


To anyone patiently waiting for Arlo to add Google Home and Chromecast support, I'm guessing the lack of support is an intentional business decision since Arlo competes with Nest Cam/Dropcam, a Google-owned product.