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Outdoor Arlo Mount

Create a more secure mount or kit.  Ive look everywhere and no one makes one.  Maybe mfg a lock insert similarly found on laptops and sell an optional cable locking kit made from 1/16 aircraft grade cable and design it to where it can be attached to the outdoor mount via a hole made into the body of the mount itself which is hollow.  Finally suggest security screws for mounting the mounting bracket itself.  Yes if designed well, people will pay for it.  I know I would have if it was available.  For now I designed a semi-secure modification.  A would be thief would need special cutter to cut through the aircraft grade cable.  I used blue loctite on the wing nut to ensure it cannot be removed by hand.  The loops were sized to keep them from being removed from the mount.  I figure something is better than nothing.

 Arlo Mount Mod.jpg