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Plastic Mount for Security

I would like Arlo to make several plastic mounts for outdoor use that could make it more difficult to steal.

Here is an example of a (ugly but works well) mount I made using a plastic electrical junction box. It can mount with 4 to 6 long screws making it not worth a burglar's time to try to remove it, I used cheap window shims glued together, painted and screwed into the eave of my house. I only paid about $2 for the box although it was quite a bit of work to make as the inside of the box has many ridges that must be filed down. Since I drillled the holes in the eave slightly smaller than the screws, it takes quite a bit of work to remove it. Coupled with the solar panel it works out great even if it is ugly. I thiink a nicer looking mount could be made very inexpensively and sure would offer a great deal more security. I will try to insert some photos of my moount.


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I made mine out of wood. I wanted something to keep the camera, cables, connections, and mounting equipment all contained and weather sealed. Yes the cameras are weather resistant. But I wanted extra protection.