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Improved Alerting Flexibility

Status: New Ideas
by silanah Apprentice ‎2017-04-26 09:06 PM - edited ‎2017-04-26 09:11 PM

It would be nice to have an option when setting up Alerts to have a Time selector for each camera and/or Rule.  That way you could say:

Send Push Notifications and/or Emails no more than once every 30 (or 60 or 90 or 120) minutes for events on THIS camera.


It could hopefully be set for each camera or for each Rule.


That would seem to be more secure than simply having to turn off alerts entirely because of false/unimportant motion events.


Maybe there could be an option to select an Override for the above alert limitation if more than 'X' of your different camera motion/audio triggers occur within 'Y' minutes of each other.  For example, if you have chosen not to be notified more than once every 120 minutes for motion triggers from camera #1 because it covers trafiic on the street, the override would kick in if you decided to be notified immediatley if 3 out of 4 of your cameras trigger within 5 minutes of each other - or perhaps if one internal home camera triggers within 5 minutes of an external camera event.


I would find these more flexible option helpful.  If anyone else does as well, please hit the Kudo button.

Background audio option

Status: New Ideas
by Blondiesparklin Follower on ‎2017-04-25 06:40 PM
My Motorola cam has an option where I can have the camera audio still play in the background while I browse other apps or internet on my iPhone and even after I press home and lock my screen I can still hear the kids in the playroom. It would be So Nice if arlo could somehow incorporate that also!!!!! I Love Arlo the connection is Amazing!!!! My only changes would be the time it takes for it to get to the app and this!!!!!

Arlo Theft Protection

Status: New Ideas
by Prukatt Follower ‎2017-04-15 09:06 AM - edited ‎2017-04-15 09:09 AM


Add Motion detection zones (s) in Arlo Pro

Status: New Ideas
by chung30 Tutor on ‎2017-02-14 06:14 AM

Currently, Arlo and Arlo Pro does NOT have a motion dectection zones. I can only zoom in/out of an area.


I would like to have a motion dectection zones, so it will trigger video reconding of the whole area when object enter the zone.


Right now, if I don't zoone out. camera trigger by street traffic, but when I zoom out I have a very limit area in the recording, so I cannot tell what car the person stop by my door drove away with.


This feature is already availabe in Arlo Q, why not put it in Arlo Pro?

Enable Custom Modes from IFTTT

Status: New Ideas
by tomjohn Guide on ‎2017-04-04 07:26 AM

It looks like there are a number of threads around the Arlo community forum about triggering custom modes from IFTTT, but this feature request didn't seem to be captured in the idea exchange, so wanted to capture this feature request here.

There should be a way for a user to create an alert whenever the base station or cameras go offline.  I have been dealing lately with our base station going offline and not finding out until it's too late and our batteries have died from searching for the signal forever. I have spent copious amount of time dealing with support, and some of the suggestions are not practical.  I am just to think of concerted efforts to be proactive with monitoring this situation.  Just as with motion alerts and low battery notifications, we should be able to set or get notifications if the base station goes offline.  

As per "How do I view videos saved on a local storage USB device?", we're advised to remove the USB drive and insert it to the computer.


> Insert the USB device into a USB port on your computer.


Please implement a way to access the USB drive via local network. For example, expose it via NFS, FTP, SFTP, SSH, SMB or whatever. As soon as we get at least one way of accessing the videos over the local network, no other way is really needed.

Update Snapshots at regular intervals

Status: New Ideas
by NCKpu86 Star on ‎2017-02-24 06:24 AM

I've seen suggestions for an "emergency record" mode, where one click would begin recording all cams.  I have suggestions for a couple things:


  1. Allow for an updated snapshot at regular intervals, not just at the last motion detected.  For example, even if no motion has been detected for days, updating the snapshots displayed in the Arlo dashboard every hour, two hours, or whatever would be great.  I wouldnt have to click "LIVE" and then "PAUSE" on each camera separately just to get an idea of how things are looking currently.
  2. A button to make all cameras live simultaneously as well as a "pause all" would be great also.  Or, related to above, just a button to refresh snapshots on demand.

Emergency record

Status: New Ideas
by BansheeRider Apprentice ‎2017-01-14 08:35 AM - edited ‎2017-01-14 08:37 AM



It would be nice if there was a manual option to trigger all cameras to record until the user stops recording or the battery dies. Maybe add a button next to siren button to trigger all cameras. If I am away from home, and there is an intruder on my property, I would like to have the option to have all cameras rolling at once rather than waiting to detect motion. Thanks

Hello Everyone,

I have some ideas that might improve the experience of using Arlo cameras.

I would appreciate it if someone from the developers section would read this post and give it a serious attention.


1. Offline Mode:

One of the Arlo's disadvantages is that it doesn't work offline. It would be nice if the app would send the user a push notification when the Arlo is offline. Maybe something happens in the house. Beside that, if the Internet connection lost and there is still power available, the Arlo would still be able to record video and save it on the hard drive (and maybe upload it afterwards when the unit gets connected back to the Internet).


2. Seamless Recordings:

This is really annoying to have tons of recordings from the same period of time. It would be nice if the cameras would have an option (just an option, not by default) for a "seamless recording" feature, so the cameras will start recording from the time it detects motion until the time this motion stops (or 10 seconds later e.g.). This way, you will be able to see one recording of 3 minutes and not 18 different videos from the same event. BTW, you might lose some important "movements" between each individual recordings...


3. Expanded Options:

Let's say I'd want to turn on the siren when the Arlo camera detects motion, but only on daytime. I don't have this option... In addition, let's say I have couple of cameras and I want to use a different mode or a different schedule on each one of them. I don't have this option, either...


4. Apple HomeKit:

From an iPhone and iPad user's point of view, it would be nice if Arlo kit would be integrated in Apple Homekit. When this feature is enabled, iPhone and iPad users would have an option to ask Siri to switch between modes or even turn on/off the siren, and everything with just using their voice. This is only the beginning. You've bunch of opportunities.


I would like to hear what do you think about the aforementioned ideas.

If you have something to say or anything else to add, please leave a comment below.




Status: New Ideas

camera starts recording on and only stops when Motion stops

Status: Implemented
by NerdGlasses Star on ‎2015-02-17 11:42 AM - last edited on ‎2016-05-04 10:51 AM by ChristineT Administrator

First of all, Arlo is great in theory. A wireless camera that is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection? Wonderful!


But in reality, it's a system that is more gadget gimmick, than a useful, usable security option.


However, if you could make this one change in the system, I'll deal with the usability issues on the app; I'll deal with the limitations of the camera settings; the lag in response to motion; etc., etc... If you could just make it so that the camera starts recording on motion and doesn't stop until the motion stops (with a user setting for max mins), then I'd finally be satisfied.


Otherwise, here's how it works now, and an example of what I actually get: A UPS truck pulls up, and Arlo kicks in (late) and starts recording after the truck is already parked (very annoying), but then I get 30 seconds (my setting is 30 secs) of the truck sitting there as the driver gets the package from the back. Then Arlo shuts down, the driver gets out with my package and walks up my driveway (about a 20 second walk) at which point Arlo is starting up again for another 30 second clip. Arlo starts up again and then records 30 seconds of the driver already walking away after dropping the package at my front door.


If this were an intruder or someone "casing the joint" I'd never get an image of his face. Is that a real security system?? Now, if I could set Arlo to stay on and record until the motion stops or my setting (I would choose 5 minutes) I would get all the footage I need. Battery life wouldn't matter to me because 1) if the motion stopped at 15 seconds, the recording would stop or; 2) if I could capture real "show-to-the-cops-footage" I wouldn't care if I had to replace the batteries more frequently.


That said:



Anyone agree or experiencing the same? Please chime in and hopefully the folks at Arlo make it happen!

Status: Implemented

This is now available for Arlo Q and is under development for Arlo Wire-Free cameras. For more information see Arlo Q release notes here: Release Notes - Arlo Q FW 1.8.0_5551 - 9th June 2016

Minimize lag by saving to USB drive first

Status: New Ideas
by bmattox79 Apprentice on ‎2016-07-08 11:41 AM

I know I've seen a lot of complaints about lag.  From what I see most of the lag is caused by the camera waiting for the network to be able to upload to the cloud.  The mechanical part of the sensor being tripped and the lens opening is a second or less but if there is any network congestion or hiccup of any kind you camera can't record to the cloud.  

Make it so I can buy a USB drive put it in the back of the base when a camera activates it records directly to the flash drive, once the recording is complete then it uploads to the cloud, but the actual recording is immediate, no waiting for the Internet.  This simple solution would change how fast our cameras record

2nd factor Authenication added to the login process

Status: New Ideas
by _Christopher_ Follower ‎2016-12-23 08:10 PM - edited ‎2016-12-23 08:11 PM



I tried to search for this idea, but didn't see anything.


I would like to see 2nd factor authenication options added to the login process.



Windows 10 Phone App

Status: Future Consideration
by Maerlyn13 Follower on ‎2016-02-19 10:17 AM
Yes. Please make a Windows 10 phone app. The web portal is not supported for live viewing since it requires flash and it is not supported in Windows 10 Phone. Or change the web portal to HTML instead of flash.
Status: Future Consideration

Hello all!


I wanted to provide an update from the Arlo Development Team:


"During our evaluation of our road map earlier this year, we took another long look at this idea, and while we may consider it in the future, at this point it is not currently a part of our short or mid-term road map. We sincerely appreciate your feedback, and encourage you to continue to support this idea with kudos if you would like to see this implemented in the future."

Apple Home Kit

Status: Engineering Investigation
by Elmar2001 Follower on ‎2016-01-31 01:29 AM

To integrate arlo into the Apple Home Kit would be a great improvement.


Now I have a great camera system with an app, a weather station with an app and some other sensors in the Apple home kit and they do not work together. 


E.g. an alarm could be triggered by the motion sensor of the camera or the camera could be switched on by a door or windows sensor even if the motion sensor is not activated because the object is too far away and so on. There are a lot of possibilities with connecting the systems. 


Is this planned to do?

quick way to turn modes off and o

Status: New Ideas
by Boss281 Star on ‎2017-03-18 04:00 AM



I think it might be useful to have icons not only to launch the mobile app, but also icons for selecting the ARMED mode, and unarmed MODE.


If I get up to walk the dog, I'd like to hit a specific icon on my phone screen that would pop up "Arm" and "Disarm" choices.  These could even sit in the status bar at the top of the screen like other function, and drag it down to expose this off/on selection choice.  Am I making sense?  I just want to disarm quickly when I need to run outside, and arm it quickly when I leave or need to come inside after I had disarmed it.

ArloPro Siren DING!

Status: New Ideas
by sblasiol Follower on ‎2017-01-09 11:37 AM

It looks as if there are limited options for the alarm being triggered by movement on the camera.  It would be nice if movement could simply trigger an audible "DING" ( or "DONG").  For instance, if there is a camera at the front door you and you are in the house you could hear that someone is walking up. 

When using live view and tapping the 'record' icon, recording should be saved to the local USB file.

Local Storage

Status: Implemented in latest product
by TheCodingArt Star on ‎2015-05-25 05:13 PM

My largest gribes with the current camera configuration, along with suggestions, are below.


1.) Local storage. The system should not be 100% useless without direct hardline internet access, and we shouldn't be forced to the limitations provided by the cloud based system and costs. 

2.) The magnetic mounts are horrible. The magnetic mounts included in the package wobble and rely on 1 screw to hold them in place. When you have an unbalanced weighted camera magnetically attached, this is not a steady/secure setup. This ignores the magnetic factor all together in the sense that the literal balancing of the mount is off from the horrible engineering of the hole to hang the nail upon. This should at least have 2 nails required to mount this in it's current form. In reality, the mount should be gone all together and replaced with the secure mounts sold separately. The half ball magnetic mounts also have the assumption that the camera will be facing outward from a 90 degree angle... which is not the majority of cases. 

3.) Why are ship times for the screw on mounts soo long (rediculously long)? On Amazon, it's reported as 1 - 2 months... months!? So first you provide me with one good mount, the other mounts are horrible so I want to go and buy the 'secure' mounts for and overpriced '$30' and I'm required to wait 1 - 2 months. Typically, one buys a security system in a time of need... and this does not meet that need. I would just go over to Home Depot and Best Buy and buy these mounts, but they're sold online only... horrible. 

4.) Switch over to AA batteries if possible. Expanding the length of the cameras makes no difference (it's not like they're current form factor is rediculously small). The current batteries are extremely hard to find 'decent' rechargeable forms which presents a problem. AA batteries have plenty high mAmp rechargeable/reliable counterparts. I shouldn't have to 'hunt' down a decent brand (which doesn't seem to exist anymore since surefire no longer sells rechargeable RCR123 batteries) of batteries that are used on military grade flash lights. Whomever made this engineering decision choose very very badly. Sacrifice the size for convienience.. not the other way around. Not when it comes to security. 

5.) In the future you should consider providing a hardwire option. Just the option to hardwire into an outlet if for some reason the hardwire was indoor house bound. The option is good so the battery thing is less of a hassle. 

6.) Re organize the app. The UI/UX designer did an aweful job here and the settings are atrocious. The modes should not be in 2 different areas (and I constantly forget modes is even a tab bar option), starting the camera feed in the app hardly ever gives decent feedback on the camera start up status (and usually spontaneously cans without a message that informs the user of anything useful), and I consistantly have to restart the app to start up live feeds. The app needs a general overhaul to be more intuitive and ease of use. The scheduler and pan/zoom options are horrible as well. I don't know who designed reading in the touch events and translating those to adjust the drawing/views on screen, but 90% of the time it doesn't remotely do what I want it to do. The scheduler won't event add time slots to the areas I want, nor can I just drag it down (I have to drag and drop those rediculous slots into the time slots).  

IFTTT support

Status: Implemented
by toqy Initiate on ‎2015-01-12 04:56 PM
A lot of new "smart" products have IFTTT support, it makes them smarter. The Homeboy (where I assume Netgear ripped the idea for this product) has solid IFTTT support, so you guys should add it to beat them. Thanks.
Status: Implemented

We are excited to let the community know that IFTTT integration has been announced! For more information, take a look here: Introducing IFTTT Integration