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Geofencing with 2 devices

Is geofencing still in "beta" not working properly?

System will consistently not recognize that one of the phones has left (remains saying "in zone") or will not disarm when one of the phones comes home.

Hope this gets sorted soon... like before I have to return the camera.
Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

Seems to work fine with me. Two iPhones. Only when both phones have left the zone, Arlo Q arms itself and if one phone enters the zone again Arlo Q disarms. Did you give the Arlo app access to your location? Not sure how this works on Android phones (if you have Android). On iPhone you must give the app access to your location (set to Always).



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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

Hmmmmmm. Yea we're both using iPhones (iOS 10.3) and both have the settings location settings set to always
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NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

Geofencing is designed to operate on a "first in, last out basis". This means that if any device is in the Geofencing radius the "Home" mode will enable, and the "Away" mode should only enable when the last device has left the radius. 

How does the first in, last out principal work with geofencing mode for my Arlo cameras?


For this to work be sure the app stays logged in, is running and location is enabled on your devices. If the app is logged off/not running Geofencing will not work.


When using multiple devices, the secondary devices should be logged into the app via shared account through the "Grant Access" feature so that both devices are logged in using the mobile app. Take a look at this article for more information: How do I add and manage multiple mobile devices for geofencing?


If you are having trouble with this, consider refreshing your enabled devices within Geofencing settings. Disable all listed devices, save and then enable the devices again.


Log in to your Arlo Account (the primary) and navigate to Mode > select your Arlo system > edit Geofencing > click "Enabled devices". Toggle all of the listed devices off and save. After you have finished saving, navigate back to "Enabled devices" and toggle all desired devices back on and save.



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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

Hi James thanks for replying.


We are doing all of those things:  my wife was granted access through my account;  We have refreshed the app;  we have deleted and reinstalled the appl;  we've rebotted the camera; we've deleted and resinstalled the camera, and still the camera will not recognize when my wife comes home alone and will not automatically disaarm the system.





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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

in my experience the more you F with it the more it confuses geofencing. 


make sure GPS and fine location is turned on on both phones.


just set it up inside the app, reboot both phones, stop messing with it and see if they fall into line.


geofencing works just fine with my wife and my nexus 6p. the only time it ever messes up is if i am home and she isnt, then i close all apps on the phone. sometimes the arlo app getting force closed will trick it into thinking i'm not at home and set away. usually it sets back to home in a minute or two. 

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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

Geofencing is designed to operate on a "first in, last out basis"...


Well, it just doesn't work. That makes the Arlo Pro product unreliable and useless for a familly. Too bad. It looks like a good product but in these conditions I prefer to send it back to the shop.

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NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Geofencing with 2 devices



What behavior are you seeing that indicates it isn't working? Can you give us more details on your setup?



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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

1) The 2 devices (iPhone 7) were  registered and recognised.

2) The sync was only working with my device; when I was out, the system recognised 1 device out of the zone and one still in the zone.

3) Yet the alarm was triggered.


I tried logging in/out, reinstalling, looking for solutions on the forum, but couldn't find a way to have the "last out, first in" behaviour working properly. The Arlo pro is a good product, but expensive. As this functionality did not work, I brought it back too the shop.

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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

Exactly the same thing thats happening to me (and many other people). Very frustrating. Will be trying out nest cam next.


I also would routinely (every other day or so) get an alert on my phone saying "arlo needs and internet connection. Connecty to the internet when you can". Except my phone has always had an internet connection.... so there's something weird going on with the Arlo app/software.

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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices

this is still not working

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Re: Geofencing with 2 devices


Have now been using Nest Cam and using their "home/away Assist" setting for 3 days. It has worked flawlessly, and having two phones attached has not confused the software.


Something for Arlo to aspire to.




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