Use two RN314 in a home network


Use two RN314 in a home network

I have bought a second RN314 to serve as a backup for my first RN314. Both are running on the latest firmware 6.4.10

I also have a EDA 500 connected to my first NAS. The RN314 and the EDA 500 are both equipped with 4 x 2 TB under RAID 5.

I was able to just move the 4 harddisk from my EDA to my new second NAS. When I started this NAS alone it was given a new network address by my Fritzbox 5490 but it turned up under the Network name (FamilyNAS) of my first NAS and the volume name of my EDA 500 "EDA2" (by the way: How can one change the volume names?). The "EDA" data is accessible on the second RN314. It seems that this transfer datawise works.

But my idea is to have two separate NAS with separate Network names and see them separat in the Windows Explorer. How do I accomplish this? When both NAS are powered on, only one is accessible via the admin page.

Does it make sense to remove the EDA2 disk from the RN314 and install an empty disk to do then a factory reset?


Another Issue now is that if you move the 4 harddisk from the RN314 back to the EDA, two red marked volumes pop-up in the admin volume page "EDA2"  and "EDA2-0". How do I get back that the EDA works as before?


Any support is much appreciated.Thanks in Advance :-)




Model: RN31442D|ReadyNAS 300 Series 4- Bay (4x 2TB Desktop)
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Re: Use two RN314 in a home network

Just an update: I managed to set-up both NAS now by "DESTROY"-ing the obsolete volumes on each NAS by starting each alone and destroying the not applicable volume using the admin page. I then changed the name of the new NAS and now all shares of both NAS are visible / acessible in the windows explorer.

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Re: Use two RN314 in a home network

Dear Customer, 


You have contacted the German-speaking NETGEAR Community.


We are able to support you only in this particular language. If you decide to contact us in German, please rewrite your question and/or describe your issue/problem so everybody can understand and participate if they want.


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