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Monitor and protect your clients with NETGEAR Dark Web Intelligence #Blog


Monitor and protect your clients with NETGEAR Dark Web Intelligence #Blog



Recent research has found that SMB's are the targets and victims of 58% of all cyber attacks.


NETGEAR Dark Web Intelligence is a service that browses the open, deep and dark web to deliver real-time, automated and actionable threat intelligence, which then alerts small businesses of any potential attacks and violations of their digital assets and identities from the dark web. This breakthrough application brings sophisticated enterprise-grade technology previously only available to large organizations with big budgets.


While the technology powering this new service is extremely advanced, the concept is simple. NETGEAR Dark Web Intelligence is designed to search the Dark Web and look for threats, for instance whether domains or email addresses have been misappropriated, or ID or credit card details made available. By uncovering potential problems earlier, such as the point at which that information is up for sale, then action can be swiftly taken.


Read about Dark Web Intellegence in the Blog by Doug Cheung

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