2 WNAP360 APs will not bridge.


2 WNAP360 APs will not bridge.

I had a customer who needed large coverage wifi. I ended up getting a netgear router and 3 WNAP360 access points after talking to a netgear rep. I had some reservations, because the reviews for these APs go from decent to down right scary. I ignored some of the people claiming these things were pure crap, and got them anyway hoping for the best.

I had success in setting up the router and 2 of the APs. However the 2 APs I setup were wired directly to ethernet back to the router. The third one needs to go where there is no ethernet available, so I wanted to bridge this 3rd AP with one of the other ones.

I followed the instructions from netgear on doing a point to point wireless bridge. I made sure to use the correct "remote" mac addresses when programming each AP depending on the 2.4 or 5ghz bands. I also made sure, as per instructions, that both APs were on the same channel.

However once I disconnect the 3rd AP from ethernet after programming it, it never does bridge to the still wired in AP. The power light is on, and the 2.4 and 5ghz signal lights are going crazy, but no link light and no activity light.

I have no idea why this isn't working, and I am getting to the point where I may just remove the equipment and return it, and advise the customer this can't be done with netgear products.

Even if I do get the bridge working, I have been reading horror stories in this forum, on newegg and amazon reviews about these things being incredibly flakey and picky about what adapters can even connect and maintain a connection with them.

On top of the frustrations I have had with configuration, the web interface into these things is horribly broken. Navigations between any settings in the AP via webbrowser take upwards of a minute sometimes. Just one click to get to a certain page in the config and you are just sitting there waiting. Sometimes it times out, sometimes it half loads, sometimes it loads fast. I noticed the issue doesn't seem to occur when the AP is at its default settings, but as soon as you assign it its final static IP, the config screens become painful to use. It was so embarrassing trying to configure these things with the customer looking over my shoulder asking me why the interface was so slow, after all I was the one who recommended to use these after speaking to netgear.

Someone please help!

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Re: 2 WNAP360 APs will not bridge.

Which firmware on each unit? I have 2 of these bridged and don't have any issues.
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Re: 2 WNAP360 APs will not bridge.

It is whatever the latest one was. I checked the website prior to even trying to configure them to make sure of that.

I do configure each of the APs in the bridge section to connect to each other correct? versus just configuring one to connect to the other that is hard wired? I assume the non wired one would use its static IP address I had assigned it when I had it hooked up via ethernet to configure it once I let it bridge, but I can't ping it, and I get no activity light or link light on the unit.

Do you also find the web interface to be painfully slow?
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Re: 2 WNAP360 APs will not bridge.

It is the latest firmware. I can't remember the specific version, but it was something I checked prior to even starting to configure.

Is there any specific thing I may have missed when trying to bridge? I do set the remote macs and security settings for bridging on each unit correct?

Do you also find the web interface to be horribly slow most of the time?
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