Access Point looses signal too often


Access Point looses signal too often

I have a small wireless network in my office. I'm running a Netgear SRXN3205 as the primary firewall and wireless router. Roughly 50 feet away is a Netgear WN2000RPT access point. The access point is line-of-sight from one of the antenna on the SRXR3205 and the only interruption of the signal is a single pane of glass in my office door. Yet the access point drops its connection very often.

I used a WiFi analyzer to show the signal strength from the router to the AP -- it averaged about -76dBm. I'm running everything on Channel 11 -- the other wireless networks that I can see that aren't mine are all on other channels save for one, which has a very faint signal.

Anyone have any suggestions on why the signal drops out so often? That AP is there to support systems that are around a corner from the router so the signal doesn't have to go through multiple walls.

Stephen Lawton

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Re: Access Point looses signal too often

I think I've discovered the problem. Looks like the AP has gone bad. That would explain why it got a signal but didn't know what it was anymore. Ah, well. C'est la vie. Consider this closed.
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