Applied firmware upgrade but Firmware Version still shows old level


Applied firmware upgrade but Firmware Version still shows old level

I received an email (in my spam file) saying that Firmware Version was available for my WAC104.  When I logged onto the WAC104 it showed that I was at  I was suspicious already because the email had gone to my spam file, plus in Administration/Firmware Update it said there was no upgrade available.  However I was able to locate the upgrade on the Netgear site following directions in the User Manual.  (In other words, I didn't rely on the email in any way.)  I downloaded the ZIP file from Netgear, extracted the .img file, and uploaded it to the WAC104.  It took several minutes, then it asked me to log on again, which presumably meant that it had rebooted itself, but when I completed the logon it still shows the old firmware level ( 


Anyone have any idea why it's still showing the old firmware level (  even though I just upgraded to the new level (

Also, why wouldn't the "Check for new version from the Internet" function find the upgraded level?

Model: WAC104|Dual Band 802.11ac 
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Re: Applied firmware upgrade but Firmware Version still shows old level



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Have you tried to clear the cache of the browser you are using?  If not yet, kindly do it then access the web-GUI of the WAC104 and check if the firmware shows the updated version.  Also, you can try using Incognito Mode in Chrome or use a different browser like Firefox. 


If ever clearing the browser cache or using a different browser did not help, Let us try the  following steps below:


1. Download again the WAC104 firmware v1.0.4.15 here

2. After you have downloaded the firmware, disconnect the WAC104 from your existing network.  

3. Perform a factory reset on your WAC104.

4. Connect the PC/laptop (where you have downloaded WAC104 firmware v1.0.4.15) directly to the WAC104.

5. Access the web-GUI of WAC104 using its default IP Address which is 


Note: If ever you have a static IP address set o the WAC104, use it to access the web-GUI.  


6. Try to upload the firmware v1.0.4.15 again to the WAC104. Check if the firmware version will show the updated version afterwards.






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