Create a Secure WiFi 6 Bubble with Business AP WAX204

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Have you been struggling with spotty WiFi in your home office, bedroom, or small office? Want to upgrade to the latest Wifi 6 network? Need your own SSID because you don’t want to share your connection with other wireless devices on your network? A standalone access point might be the right product for you.


It’s easier now than ever to expand your network with the all-new high-performance WiFi 6 AX1800 Dual-Band Access Point WAX204 from NETGEAR Business. WAX204 delivers high-speed WiFi 6 that is affordable and easy to install, without added infrastructure and deployment costs. It’s the most cost-effective WiFi 6 solution for small businesses, home offices, dorm rooms, cafes, retail, small offices, and more. Engineered with the latest in WiFi technology, WAX204 provides the performance you need to keep your small business, employees, and customers connected. Get more details on the new WAX204 WiFi 6 Business Access Point.


Keep your WiFi safer with 3x SSIDs and WPA3:

The WAX204 Access Point enables 3 separate and secure WiFi networks for admin, employees, and guests. To add even more value, the WAX204 is conveniently equipped with five (5) Gigabit Ethernet ports that further extend the wired network and internet connection. It can also be configured as a router and comes with a segment-leading 3-year hardware warranty and 90-day phone and chat support. With the WAX204, you also get the ultimate level of WiFi connection security for your business needs thanks to WPA3 encryption.


Why use a WiFi 6 AP?

WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi, and it’s available today. WiFi 6 transmits on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, and the signal is compatible with the previous generation of WiFi devices that operate on Wireless-N (WiFi 4) and Wireless AC (Wifi 5). WiFi 6 provides better coverage, 40% higher speeds, and 4X the capacity for users compared to WiFi 5. Learn more about NETGEAR’s WiFi 6 Access Points for Business, including advanced Insight-powered business Access Points. An access point is an independent network device that simply plugs into an Ethernet port on your router or a switch connected to your router. SSIDs can be configured using an intuitive web User Interface (UI). With the WAX204 access point, no PoE switch or advanced IT skills or tools are needed. Unlike a wireless extender, an access point does not need to connect to your existing wireless signal to operate, and instead acts as a separate independent wireless network.


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