Facebook WiFi compatibility Netgear WAC510


Facebook WiFi compatibility Netgear WAC510



We would like to buy a Netgear WAC510 allowing our users to login by facebook account, do we only need the WAC510 access point for this ? We are providing the device with a WAN address, and we have a fb account on our company name.


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Re: Facebook WiFi compatibility Netgear WAC510

Hi @kevin_w_123,


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The WAC510 access point supports Facebook WiFi.  As reference, kindly read pages 46-51 of the WAC510 user manual here.  


Here below is a typical network setup: 



From the network diagram above, the modem is connected to the WAN port of the firewall router.  The firewall router that you will use should support VLANs.  You will need to configure VLANs to segregate networks.  For example: you need to separate the Administrator (or Private) network from the Guest network.  A port of the firewall router is connected to a port of the GS110TP smart switch.  The ports connecting the firewall router and the GS110TP should be configured as tagged ports so that it will become a trunk link. Tagging the ports is needed in order to identify which VLAN the packet belongs to. 

The GS110TP smart switch supports VLAN as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet).  A port on the GS110TP is connected to the WAC510 access point.  Since the GS110TP supports PoE, it can power on the WAC510 through its ethernet port to where it is connected to.


The ports connecting the GS110TP and the WAC510 should be configured as tagged ports as well because the WAC510 is a VLAN-aware device.  Since the WAC510 also supports VLAN, you can assign a wireless network dedicated to the private network as well as assign a wireless network for the Guest network.  You may want to implement to provide your guests with WiFi access by letting them check in to your company's Facebook business page through a captive portal assigned to the Guest Network.  


For more information about the GS110TP smart switch and the WAC510 access point, kindly access the links below:


GS110TP Data Sheet 


WAC510 Data Sheet





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Re: Facebook WiFi compatibility Netgear WAC510



I just want to follow-up on this.  Let us know if you have further inquiries. 


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