Large Insight AP Deployment of 600 WAC510 AP's - Wenzhou Ouhai #CaseStudy



Attached is a new Case Study for NETGEAR Business Wireless hardware featuring 600 NETGEAR Insight Powered WAC510.  Wenzhou Ouhai District Education Bureau in China has 60 schools with an average of 10 Access Points each for a total of approximately 600 AP's. Insight Pro was utilized to quickly deploy and remotely administer and control this large comprehensive deployment of Insight AP hardware.


"You wouldn’t imagine that it would be this easy to link the AP with NETGEAR Insight cloud management, which shortened the duration of the project significantly."Chen Lang, Implementation Engineer, Wenzhou Yinjia Technology Co., Ltd.


WAC510 Dual-Band 802.11ac AP is deployed as required in all schools in the district. Each school deploys an average of 10 WAC510 dual-band 802.11ac APs. The entire Ouhai District currently has 600 AP local IT service providers, and localized network management of each school network center to authorize WiFi management methods, thereby comprehensively improving the education system in the whole Ouhai District in terms of its WiFi network management security upgrade requirements. The Education Bureau's technical department can issue WiFi configuration uniformly.


Learn more and download the Large Insight AP Deployment Case-Study.

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