More WG103 issues


More WG103 issues

I have 10 x WG103 installed on a site for a client. The units were in for just over a year but gave issues pretty much since day 1.

Clients would complain that they would be disconnected or unable to connect if the units were not powered off every couple of days. In an attempt to resolve the issue I set the switch to reboot the units automatically by turning off Poe every night at 4am. This worked but my client is told me that they had received complaints about dissconntions at 4am. It's a hotel so they want access 24/7.

All AP's are manually assigned IP's, static channels with approx 15-20% overlap. Using channels 1, 6 and 11with almost no interference (checked with spectral analyzer).

Removing security did nothing. Changing the switch did nothing. Changing to local power supply did nothing. Charing the router did nothing. Ran a test on the infrastructure using a Fluke DTX and cabling is 100%. Firmware is latest 2.2.5 I believe.

I replaced all of the AP's with ones from a different manufacturer and bingo all of the problems disappeared. Looking though the forums and various other support venues and there are a huge number of reports with no fixes as far as I could see.

Am in stuck with a grands worth of junk or can anyone suggest a fix?

Thanks in advance for any reply.

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