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NETGEAR Access Points and KRACK (WPA2 Vulnerabilities)

Is my standalone access point impacted by this vulnerability?


Please review which outlines affected APs and what firmware update requirements are needed to address any concerns.


My ProSAFE access point are being managed by a wireless controller (WC7500, WC7520, WC7600v1, WC7600v2, WC9500); am I susceptible to this vulnerability?


Managed access points acquire their firmware and configuration from a wireless controller. Access points controlled by a controller do not use client or WDS mode, and as such, are not vulnerable to PTK-vector attacks; however, the controlled access points are vulnerable to GTK-vector attacks. The GTK-vector covers broadcast and multicast traffic, which is not confidential by nature. In other words, someone with a network sniffer would be able to intercept this data. NETGEAR is working on updating controller firmware to address GTK-vector style attacks.

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Re: NETGEAR Access Points and KRACK (WPA2 Vulnerabilities)

You can check if your wireless controller firmware version is same or newer than the version mentioend in that KB article.

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