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Netgear Username & Password

Hello! I completely forgot my username & password to access Netgear Wireless from my computer. How can I restore it?

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Re: Netgear Username & Password

Hi visuracsp,


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Kindly answer the questions below:


a. What is the model number of your NETGEAR device?

b. Are you the one who created the username and the password on your NETGEAR device?  If ever its not you, kindly ask the network administrator for the username and password.


I look forward to your response.






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Re: Netgear Username & Password

This wirless router was set up quite a while ago and we are having issues with it.  No one knows who set it up or what the user name and password is for it.  How can we restore it to original factory settings and start over?

Model: WNDR3300v2|N600 Wireless Dual Band Router
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Re: Netgear Username & Password

Hello GeTucson, 


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We need to know the model number of your router so that we can provide better instructions. Usually, a "Factory Reset/Restore" button is placed on the back of a router, it is a small pinhole that needs to be pushed for about 10-30 seconds and requires a reboot of the router. Once this button is pushed, it will set the router back to its default settings including the administrator password. The default username is "admin"(no qoutes). 


Let us know if this helps. 



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Re: Netgear Username & Password

You will need to factory default that N600 router.  Use a pen or paperclip on the back of the router to reset it.


You'll have reconfigure it afterwards.  Use admin/password to log into the defaulted router.

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