Re: No power adaptor on a $100.00 access point- Ridiculous


No power adaptor on a $100.00 access point- Ridiculous

Purchases 2 WAC510 Access point for home use at Staples at $99.00 each.

Discovered no power adaptor included. Forced to buy 2 via Amazon as Staples does not carry them.

It's on the box in fine print. Who would think it's neccesary to even look when you buy a business class device from a US based company.


$10.00 apiece plus shipping from Amazon.


Model: WAC510|Insight Managed Smart Cloud Wireless Access Point
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Re: No power adaptor on a $100.00 access point- Ridiculous

Well, given that it is PoE-powered, Netgear is probably figuring that most purchasers will be powering it from a PoE switch.

Yeah, here is the installation guide:
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Re: No power adaptor on a $100.00 access point- Ridiculous

i partially agree with this, and partially not.

first of, mostly if you buy a business grade AP the chance that it is PoE is pretty high what makes sense in my eyes.

for private users, there are so called consumer AP's, they probably will have a power adapter.

however, it's not new, that ppl tend to buy and use business grade devices at home.


i also must say, it doesn't say anywhere clear that there is no power supply. neither on the packaging, nor in the description. i believe NETGEAR could do better here (place a sticker NO POWER ADAPTOR) or something, place it in the product description etc).


just to add something: instead of buying for $10 a pwr adapter i would suggest to buy either a PoE Switch or a PoE injector and plan your network with PoE in future.

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