Poor Performance since upgrading to (WAX610)


Poor Performance since upgrading to (WAX610)

Got multiple WAX610 configured as root (non-Mesh) Access Points. Everything was fine prior to upgrading to the Latest Firmware ( Immediately after the upgrade, most if not all the client devices are experiencing slower transfer speeds. No issues with power settings and channel utilization. No latency or packet loss either. Laptops, Mobile Devices and Desktops, whether on Wireless AC or Wireless AX (WiFi 6), a degradation of at least 50% of what the original speed was.


How do I rollback or revert the firmware on an Insight/Cloud-managed device?

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Re: Poor Performance since upgrading to (WAX610)

Hi @eysher 


Could you please share your network topology? Please share your wireless client details? How many WAX610s you have and all showing the same issues? Are you using speed test or some other tool?

Kindly send the diagnostic logs via PM by uploading into google drive.




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Re: Poor Performance since upgrading to (WAX610)

Router -> PoE+ Switch -> 3 x WAX610 APs (All Cloud Managed).


Clients Tested:

- iPhone 11 Pro

- iPhone 12 Pro Max

- iPad Pro 12.9" (2018)

- iPad Pro 10" (2017)

- iPad Pro 12.9" (2017)
- PC - Realtek WiFi 6/AX Onboard

- PC - Intel WiFi AC Onboard

- MacBook Pro 13" (2019)

- Pixel 4 XL


Yes, tested using from all devices. I just downgraded the firmware back to by taking it out of Insight then back again and I'm no longer experiencing slower transfer speeds.


I may no longer have useful logs for troubleshooting since I've downgraded all the APs.


I would highly recommend testing the Firmware in a Lab and comparing transfer speeds. Your other customers may not notice it since it doesn't really produce errors or network instability but I quickly noticed since I regularly run speedtest before and after making network changes.

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