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Re: Power requirements for WAX214v2


Power requirements for WAX214v2

What are the minimum power requirements when using a Poe+ injector with the wax214v2 access point? Approximately 50’ run from the Poe injector to the wap.




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Re: Power requirements for WAX214v2

Can't find or Google for documentation???

Go to NETGEAR's site, go to Support, enter your model number, get PDF, read!
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Re: Power requirements for WAX214v2

That would have been an extremely helpful response if the documentation for that wap, which I had previously read, actually specified minimum power requirements. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t, so it is not.

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Re: Power requirements for WAX214v2

It's printed about 100 times (wild guess) in the WAX214v2 User Manual


PoE+ (802.3at) switch is required, however a PoE (803.2.af) switch might be sufficient if the the AP’s 2.4 GHz radio works with reduced transmit power. Certainly not something I'd see as a normal suggested operation status,


The minimums are set by the IEEE standardization - this depends on the possible length of the installation. Again not something you should consider as an installation standard, unless you are to cheap to invest in industry standard PoE+ switches.


Strictly stay with the IEEE Standards, like 802.3at or bust. Can't be easier.


Can't wait for a new post where somebody comes and lists cable quality and length, some voltage and amps details, in-span and out-span blah, and so on. Far to many power injectors in the market, for proprietary junk like so called passive PoE devices. 

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