Recall question on WB7350-100NAS


Recall question on WB7350-100NAS

This is in regards to the recall below.


I currently have a new WB7530-100NAS on order which is yet to arrive so I can't look at the serial number to know if it is affected yet. I also can not send an email to the one provided in the kb as I'm not an approved sender, so i am looking for the specifics of what happens if I do receive a new WB7530-100NAS that is impacted by the recall.


Would I get a brand new WB7530-100NAS to replace my new in box one? Would I potentially get a refurb or some other option I'm not thinking of? Any guidence would be appreciated. 



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Re: Recall question on WB7350-100NAS

Hi @2B-or_not-2B,


The WC7500 you receive as part of your WB7530-100NAS bundle should not be affected by this issue. However, once you receive it please check the serial number and if the fourth character of the serial number is a number in the range 0-3, the unit is affected. 


If your unit is affected please send me a PM with the serial number and we will get an RMA raised to send you a replacement unit ASAP. The replacement will not be a refurbished unit, it will be a new and unaffected unit.




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