Setting up VLAN through WG102


Setting up VLAN through WG102


I hope that someone can help with a VLAN segmentation question.

I have a small network with a LAN DHCP server. Most clients are wired, but a couple connect through Wi-Fi. We also allow authorised visitors wireless access to the internet, using a separate BSSID to that used by the wireless LAN users. But these visitor devices are showing up on the LAN, and that is not good. So I’d like to segment the visitor access to bypass the LAN.

Wi-Fi access is through one or more WG102 access points. The WG102 are attached to GS110 or GS108, and these form the LAN backbone. The router is a FSV318v3.

Now, although I can have the visitors access the network/internet through a different BSSID on the WG102, how can I segment that on the GS110? One access point occupies one port on the switch. Or do I need to use different access points for each VLAN? And can I have the FSV318 act as a DHCP server for the visitor VLAN (but not the authorised user VLAN)?

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Re: Setting up VLAN through WG102

No matter, got it sorted (kinda)
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