Teams call no connection / sound after 11-15 minutes WC7500 controller


Teams call no connection / sound after 11-15 minutes WC7500 controller

Hello Netgear community,


We have a strange problem with our Netgear WiFi system.

During a Teams call, after 11 minutes the connection is lost for about 10 seconds. After these 10 seconds, the connection is restored again. then again after 10 a 15 minutes a short outage for about 10 seconds.


The party on the other side of the line can still hear me during these 10 seconds sometimes, so the connection isn't than completely lost.


Our setup is:

Netgear controller WC7500 with firmware version:

Netgear WAC730 Accespoints.


two SSID's,

three VLANS.

One VLAN for one ssid and one for the other. And a management VLAN.

Radius WPA-2 enterprise.


2.4 ghz radio is disabled.


Wireless settings: --.> advanced Wireless (tab: 802.11a/na/ ac):


Turn radio on: True

Wireless Mode:802.11na/ac

Data Rate(na): Best

Data rate(ac): best

Channel Width: 20/40/80 mhz Dynamic

Guard Interval: 800 ns

RTS Threshold (0-2347): 500

Beacon Interval (100-1000): 100

Aggregation Length: 65535

AMPDU: enable

RIFS Transmission: Disable

DTIM Interval (1-255): 3

Preamble Type: Auto

High Density Bandwidth: High

Multicast/Broadcast Rate Limiting: disable

ARP Suppression: enable


Or as screenshot:



The clients are directly under the accespoint so it should not be a range issue.

The clients do not roam to another accespoint during the teams call.

2.4 ghz is disabled so they are always on the 5


We tested this issue with a accespoint from another brand in the same setup and we do not have encountered any problems during the teams call.



Can some one tell me what I should optimize in the Netgear setup to resolve this problem?


Thank you in advanced!!


Model: WAC730|3x3 Wireless-AC Access Points
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