Two WAC510 units and an Airport Extreme


Two WAC510 units and an Airport Extreme

Hello, I've just added two WAC510 units to the network in my house to extend the existing Apple Airport Extreme that has been managing our LAN and WiFi connections. They are working great so far, but I'm hoping to make sure I have them setup as otimally as possible. 

Read all related WAC510 discussions on the forums prior.


Current setup:

  • 8port Ethernet Switch in basement, providing ethernet ports in various rooms throughout. 
  • Apple Airport Extreme on main floor, receiving main data feed from Fios Modem.
  • Airport acting as router, manages DHCP. 
  • Airport feeds data to Switch via LAN. 
  • #1 WAC510, placed completely opposite Airport, across the house; connected via LAN.
  • #2 WAC510, placed on second floor, also connected via LAN. 


Both WAC510s acting as Access Points (all settings mirrored). 

  • Firmware: V9.5.1.2
  • Management Mode: Local(browser)
  • DHCP Client: Enabled
  • Authenthication: WPA3/WPA2 Persona
  • 802.11w: optional
  • Band: both
  • Band Steering: Disabled


Wireless Settings

  • 2.4GHZ: 11NG, Dynamic 20/40, Channel Auto, Output Power 100% max
  • 5GHZ: 11AC, Dynamic 20/40/80, Channel Auto, Output Power 100% max
  • WMM: Enabled
  • RTS: 2346
  • Beacon: 100
  • DTIM: 2
  • MU-MIMO: Enabled
  • Load Balancing: Disabled


For this setup, I'm not sure if it's best to leave all the settings as is, or if there are a few I've overlooked that would be recommended. 

Thank you!

Model: WAC510 Insight Managed Access Point
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Re: Two WAC510 units and an Airport Extreme



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Everything is looking good on your setup. You can also try to setup the one near the router and assign it as a WiFi Base station and the 2nd one will be assigned as a WiFi repeater so that you don't need to set up a LAN cable going to the 2nd floor if the signal is good.


You may check the manual for this setup(page 110).





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