WAC104 New Firmware version ??

I see online that there is later version of firmware for the WAC104.  I am currently using


When I am logged into the divice admin. page and I use the firmware update fuction it say:

"No new firmware version available."


So all of this leaves me a couple questions. And I do not know how proceed.

        What changes were made with this latest firmware version?  

        Is it worth doing an upgrade to

        What is the date of when the firmware update released?

        How can I get a notification or email of when a new firmware is released?



Model: WAC104|Dual Band 802.11ac 
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Re: WAC104 New Firmware version ??



Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy 


You may check the New Features and Enhancements, the Known Issue and the Date Released of the WAC104 Firmware v1.0.4.12 on the release notes here.  


I suggest you to manually download the WAC104 Firmware v1.0.4.12 here then upload it to your WAC104.  


For updates about new firmware version for the WAC104, you may visit the WAC104 Downloads page here






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