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WAC104 forgotten login details

I hae had a problem whereby some laptop devices were not connecting to the WAC104 router i purchased about 1 month ago. My mobile devices would connect but said the security was weak. I went on to change the wifi wettings to make the security stronger - the exact same thing i did on my virign router and there were not problems. However, after doing this i now need a username and password to log into the wifi but i dont know what username they are after? The only way i can amend the username/password is by logging into the aplogin but to do so i need to be connected to the wifi via the router and i cannot connect to it as i dont know the username and password. 


Does anyone know a work around for this?


I have been on the phone with 'technical support' but the service has been shockingly abysmal. I have been on 4 sepearte calls - none of which even get me through to technical support and the people i spoke to were as much use as a choclate fireguard. 


If anyone has any solutions then please let me know as currently the router is usless. 

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Re: WAC104 forgotten login details

The WAC104 does make use of a Netgear cloud login - you might have used the same as you are using for the product registration and to access the community here. Note the primary key is not a username, it's an Email address identity.


Curious what Netgear support you called - there plenty of scam offerings in the Internet. Would wonder if the official Netgear resources won't have "lost username" process at hand. However, there is no way to change the registration email without Netgear assistance btw.


Some mobile devices (like the ones designed in Cupertino, Ca.) complain about weak security if the AP is configured for WPA (TKIP) and WPA2 (AES), so even if they are connecting with WPA2, they still complain. Workaround is indeed to allow WPA2 only.



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