WAC505 & Facebook WiFi


WAC505 & Facebook WiFi

I’ve gone through the user manual, pulled my hair out and it still doesn’t work how we want it too.

The portal is set up correctly (following the manual), but users have to manually go to a web browser to check in or skip with a code, I expected this screen to come up the minute it connected to the WiFi network.

For a business (bar) it’s not convenient to have to explain to people that they need to do this, maybe there is an add on or something that I don’t know about.

Users can freely use apps on WiFi without checking in. (Therefore defeating the idea of the captive portal)

Any help would be appreciated!
Model: WAC505|Insight Managed Smart Cloud Wireless Access Point
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Re: WAC505 & Facebook WiFi

Update - It is now capturing some devices, mainly android.

Tech support said it’s a limitation with Facebook, but i’m sure if it’s capturing some devices and not others that maybe the settings are wrong.
Model: WAC505|Insight Managed Smart Cloud Wireless Access Point
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Re: WAC505 & Facebook WiFi

Hi @SimonCY,


Welcome to the community! 🙂 


I suggest you to disable HTTPS traffic in the web-GUI.  As reference, kindly read page 49-50 of the WAC505 user manual here.  Let us know the result.  


Just to confirm, is it just the iOS devices where you cannot get the splash page? 






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Re: WAC505 & Facebook WiFi

FWIW - borrowed from the WAC505 WAC510 Firmware Version Release Notes

Known Issues:


  • While using the Facebook Wi-Fi feature, there is an auto pop-up issue with some iOS devices and devices with old android versions. Some iOS devises and some Android devices may not pop up the Facebook Authentication page. User need to launch the web browser to get the Authentication page.
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