WAC510 Installing multiple units with WDS


WAC510 Installing multiple units with WDS

Hi everone!

I run a network consisting of 3 WAC510 access points. The first one, located on the second floor is wired with ethernet cable to gateaway. It is set as a base station in WDS with second unit on a ground floor. This unit has no possibility to be wired with cable, so I had to run WDS function. It is set on 2.4 GHz radio. WDS fo this two units works.

I purchased 3rd unit to the another wing of the home - a workshop. This unit will be wired, but so far I have no cable instaled yet. 

I tried to rund WDS function on the 3rd unit with base station on unit 1 (multi point WDS). I use 2.4 GHz radio for bridge, all setting are set properly (I mean MAC addresses, static and the same radio chanel and so on) on base station. WDS starts at the beginnning, by If any of units crashes (no eletricity or simply dissconected), WDS doesn't reconnect. A SSID network on 2.4 radio dissapears and there is no connection eiteh in WDS nor with clients. 

What Is wrong? Why WDS doesn't reconnect? Why 2.4 radio SSID dissapers? 

How can I set up my network better in this situation (unit 1 wired, unit 2 wireless in WDS, units 3 wireless in WDS)?

Model: WAC510 Insight Managed Access Point
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Re: WAC510 Installing multiple units with WDS

Hi @MitchelPaul 


Could you please share the detailed logs? Please go to the monitoring page and save the detailed logs at the time of the issue.

You can upload the detailed onto google drive or similar. Share me link via PM to download the logs.




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