Re: WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r


WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r

Is there anyway to enable 802.11r/seamless roaming/fast transition on these access points?


The specification says that they are capable of it, but there is no setting in the GUI.


I have tried to configure this in the CLI but fast transition will not enable.


I have seen previous posts mentioning having to use Business Central - I may entertain this but have not yet found any way to create an account or subscribe - completely the opposite to Netgear Insight.


I do have an Insight Pro subscription and have tried to add a WAC720 there, but all that seemed to do was register it and it would not connect.


It does seem pretty poor to have a business product that is capable of adhering to an industry standard be crippled by not exposing this feature and preventing us from enabling it. Cheaper and inferior models of AP from other vendors allow this out of the box.


I have several sites using combinations of 720 and 730 APs in Ensemble mode and am close to ripping them out and replacing with something that actually can do what it says on the box.

Model: WAC720|2x2 Wireless-AC Access Points, WAC730|3x3 Wireless-AC Access Points
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Re: WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r

While the WAC720/730 are not intended for Insight, with BC being EoL we urgently need a way to enable 802.11r FT in ensemble mode @RaghuHR  please. Similar, the Controller-only-feature LED off contrl is baldy missing, too. 

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Re: WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r

Ah that explains why I couldn't find a way to sign up for BC then. I couldn't find anything to say it's gone EOL. I bought these APs less than a year ago so feeling like I've been stiffed over this.
@RaghuHR if the one cloud management system has been retired it does seem pretty poor to not be able to add them to the remaining one.
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Re: WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r

@RaghuHR We'd really appreciate an answer on this one please.


Surely firmware could be released that enables these devices to communicate with Insight?

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Re: WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r

Hi @pn23 


I've forwarded your concern to upper management. Will update you once we have more info.




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Re: WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r

Hi @RaghuHR @schumaku ,


We managed to obtain a WC7500 for the site that required it and this has been working as expected for roaming purposes during a week of testing.


We have put the unit into production now and wanted to secure a couple of SSIDs using RADIUS and PKI however can not get the device to accept certificates.


I have noticed others mentioning this in but Netgear seems to have remained characteristically tight lipped about it.


Is this correct? Can you really not install your own certificates issued to protect your own domain and infrastructure, despite their being the options in the UI to install these and the documentation for the device *recommending* that you do this?

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Re: WAC720 and WAC730 802.11r

@RaghuHR @schumaku

Guys have you got any input on this?
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