WAC730 In Ensemble Mode - Roaming


WAC730 In Ensemble Mode - Roaming

I have 8 WAC730 APs in Ensemble Mode.

All with Firmware version

Are there any options for roaming between APs in the Ensemble?

If yes wjere would i find these settings?



Model: WAC730|3x3 Wireless-AC Access Points
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Re: WAC730 In Ensemble Mode - Roaming

Valid question. What is the current status of 802.11r/11k support in standalone and ensemble cluster mode?


Last indication I remember was a firmware release notes from years ago stating


  1. Fast roaming (802.11r) support enabled over the air and over the distribution system per Wireless Network in Business central mode.

Now BC is not the center of the universe. Why are features readily available and implemented on the WAC720/730 platform not made systematically available? This is like the lack of LED Web UI control on standalone and Ensemble while available in controller mode (and from the CLI - never tried): I tend to call this a mess @RaghuHR

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