WAC730 keep going offline, not able to ping


WAC730 keep going offline, not able to ping

Hi All

I have a lot of WAC730 around the world that we support through Netgear Business Central. I have one location that has 8 WAC and powered by 2 different switchs.


On one of the groups of 4 the WACs randomly go offline and cannot be pinged. The lights for power is on as is the network light but the wifi lights are off, the only way to get them back is to repower them. I have changed the switch and this make no difference. They can stay up for 2 weeks or more and then drop 3 times in 2 days.


They are all on

They are all powered with POE.

They often have over 30 users connected. 


I have others locations where one will drop but this is rare.


Could this be

a cabling issue with the CAT6, hard to change as they are in the ceilings? 

the number of users, is there a restriction?

something else?



Thanks Simon

Model: WAC730|3x3 Wireless-AC Access Points
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Re: WAC730 keep going offline, not able to ping

Hi @Aqad


Welcome to the Netgear Community. I've sent you a PM. Could you please respond?




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