Re: WAX204 : New Firmware released needs no login (SSO


WAX204 : New Firmware released needs no login (SSO

Dear customers,

Many people had not liked the idea of using login details to access the Admin Web GUI of the WAX204 device.
We have got rid of that feature with new firmware released.

We recommend registering your devices so that NETGEAR can notify you if there are any security fixes in the new firmware.
you can register your device by going to

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Re: WAX204 : New Firmware released needs no login (SSO

@hnagaraju Can the customers expect to see the same "enhancement" for the 802.11ac APs like WAC104 and WAC124? There is still to much presence of problems caused around on various communities, being for new customers, being foe customers having installed the devices a longer time ago already and have troubles to login.

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Re: WAX204 : New Firmware released needs no login (SSO

This is great news.  The WAX204 supports 3 wireless networks.  However, when a wireless network is setup and Both bands are chosen, only one SSID is created.  As an example, for Wireless 1 if a network is created for Both bands called SSID "Network1" that SSID is used for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.  It would be nice if the software allowed an SSID to be created for each band such as "Network1-24" and "Network1-50" as many of us would like to distribute devices manually to the different bands. Please advise if this could be a small enhancment in the new firmware release?



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