WC7520, RADIUS and Roaming


WC7520, RADIUS and Roaming

Hi there,

We are seeing an issue with our WC7520 WiFi network when a user roams from one AP to another. At first connection the user auths via AP1 to our RADIUS server and gets allowed out to the Internet with filtering as defined for their user group (Radius and Web Filter are combined in the same Smoothwall box). However, when the user roams from AP1 to AP2 everything falls apart!

It appears as if AP1 sends an accounting logout packet to the Radius server which then (correctly) logs the user out. The user then connects to AP2 and the controller (I presume) tells AP2 that it is OK, User auth'ed at AP1. This allows the user to roam from AP1 to AP2 seamlessly; BUT they were logged out from Radius when they left AP1 and never appear to be logged back in to Radius by AP2! This then breaks all browsing for the user as they are now unauthenticated on the Radius server and the web filter.

Is anyone else seeing this kind of behaviour or incorrect accounting details in their Radius server when users roam?

I am going to open a support request if and when the support site comes up again!

Jon - :confused:

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