WG103. Only some clients get service


WG103. Only some clients get service

I trying to set up an WG103 AP and am having a strange (to me anyway!) problem. It is all set up, I can connect to it fine from some client devices and get internet access etc. But other devices are not able to connect. I've not figured out the rhyme or reason for it. Some IOS devices connect and work no problem, 1 does not connect. I can connect from some Windows laptops, but others, they 'connect' but have no network access. 1 android phone connects with connectivity fine. Another android device (kindle fire) does not.
When I look at the wireless stations in the admin screens I see the devices in the list, when I check the ip address on some of them (the windows pcs), they seem to have valid IP address assigned but sill no access.

I'm not an expert in this networking stuff, but have exhausted everything I know to try.

The AP is using the main router as the DHCP server, so dhcp client is enabled.

These devices that do not work, I can connect to a different access point and get full connectivity.

Any ideas out there?

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