WLAN Roaming

In a difficult building, there are 3 computers in the ensemble mode.

The data of a Hand Scanner are transferred to a database in the local network, in my opinion, roaming must be activated. How does it work, is a WLAN controller necessary?

Model: WAC720|2x2 Wireless-AC Access Points
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Re: WLAN Roaming

Hi Stefan,


Your network sitution is not clear. are you saying, the deployment has

3 wired computers and many wifi based hand scanners that keep moving ?

the data should be always going back and forth between these hand scanners and wired computers.



Genric answer :

WC7500/WC7600v2+WAC720/WAC730 will be best solution, if you have fast roaming your number one requirements.


However based off your needs,

you can consider

ensemble based WAC720/WAC730

Business central+WAC720/WAC730.

Both can do basic seemless roaming support, while in business central, there is easy way to turn on 802.11R roaming here. 802.11R based fast roam depends on wireless clients supporting 802.11R.




 Since i do not know the wifi client, not sure if they can take care of 802.11R network.



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Re: WLAN Roaming

Sorry, three WAC720 (not Computer !) are working in the ensemble Mode, i think for roaming is a WLAN Controller necessary.

Because of the better coverage are more AP planned and I fear problems without roaming function.
Is the WC7600 recommendable

Model: WAC720|2x2 Wireless-AC Access Points
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Re: WLAN Roaming

I have now purchased a WC7520 and will let the 5 AP WAC720 be managed by the controller.
The AP are relatively tight, must be activated for the roaming in the WC7520 something?
Thank you very mouch...


Model: WAC720|2x2 Wireless-AC Access Points
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