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WMS5316 DHCP Query

I am currently rolling out 8 WNDAP350 access points which are centrally managed by a WMS5316 Management console.

The AP's are installed at 3 seperate sites which all have their own IP address ranges but are on the same subnet. I am aiming to have each of the sites use their own DCHP ranges for wireless only, and if possible would lie to accomplish this by using the Netgear product rather than Windows.

From what I can see I have 2 options:
1: One DHCP Scope for all wireless devices which is configured within the WMS5316. This will not work for my setup with the sites each being on different ranges
2: Set up a DCHP scope from each of the AP’s. This would work however there is more than one AP at each site which would result in a lot of separate scopes. Ideally I would only want one scope per site, not per AP.
Any Ideas?
Also, as a side question. I find that the Web GIU’s for all of these devices log me out frequently when clicking about. It’s not a timeout issue as a lot of the time when I re-enter credentials I get a message saying that there is already an active session. Has anyone else experienced this and found a fix?
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Re: WMS5316 DHCP Query

For info:

I ended up falling back to windows to handle the DHCP Scopes. My main reason for this was that you can append domain suffixes through windows DHCP which wasnt an option through the netgear devices.

As for my connectivity issue to the AP GIU's it turns out that once an access point has been added to the WMS you can no longer view/manage the AP directly as your session will keep being interrupted by the WMS logging on to the device. This makes total sense but was very frustrating until i found out!

Useful FAQ I found:
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