WMS5316 & WNDAP360 MAC authentication


WMS5316 & WNDAP360 MAC authentication


I'm using a WM5316 to manage 16 WNDAP360 APs. We use the built in MAC authentication to manage who can use the network, but we've seemed to run into a snag because we can't seem to register any more MAC addresses. There are 132 MAC addresses registered for 802.11 b/bg/ng and the same 132 registered for 802.11 a/an. I've been told from NETGEAR support that the limit of MAC addresses the unit can hold is 256, but I haven't been told if that is 256 total or 256 per protocol (e.g 256 for 802.11 b/bg/ng and 802.11 a/an). If it's total that doesn't make sense because 132 x 2 = 264. I've been waiting for a couple of days for an answer from them, so I figured I'd check the board.

Thanks for any advice or information on the subject in advance.

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Re: WMS5316 & WNDAP360 MAC authentication

Do you have any "a" clients out there? Very few devices use "a". Dump them if not. Anything modern uses "n". Read page 31 of the ref manual. You can use a RADIUS server for MAC Auth as well. The manual says the device supports 512 MAC addresses, but that may have been scaled back.
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