WNAP210 - Advice needed!

Hi guys!


Looking for some help please, from you, the experts...!


I recently bought a second-hand Netgear WNAP210 Access Point from eBay to use in my garage. I have been working from this room during the COVID-19 pandemic via a direct wired connection to the router in my house. I figured I wanted Wi-Fi connection in this room for the TV and other devices too.


I have tried to follow the guides on here but also on the Netgear documentation but I'm still at a loss. The device is still showing the orange 'tick' symbol blinking continuously. I also can't seem to access the access point's settings on the browser by using (which is printed on the bottom)


To clarify, I have a router in my house where there are two ethernet cables running from the LAN ports into my garage (one of which I am using for working on my MacBook Pro, the other is free (and where I plan to plug in my AP).


I've tried plugging in the AP to my computer with no luck, also tried plugging it directly into the router close to the router and in the garage - no luck on either; the orange tick keeps blinking and via the browser I can never access the AP settings - Also, when I log into my router settings page when the AP is connected to the router, the router settings do not show that the AP is connected as a device?


Seem to be going round in circles - please someone help!


Thanks in advance!

Model: WNAP210|ProSafe Wireless-N Access Point
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Re: WNAP210 - Advice needed!

*bump* Smiley Sad

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Re: WNAP210 - Advice needed!

Five second search - less than bumping - on the community -> this explains almost everything you mght have to know.


One mistake by me - just spotted flying over that thread: These WNAP210 don't default to DHCP, they re fixed to a default IP address following a factory reset.

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Re: WNAP210 - Advice needed!

@schumaku - I had previously read that thread, but it still didn't resolve my query or what was explained really didn't make sense to me. I'm fairly good with computers but generally not so good with the terms used in network connections.


I had tried rebooting the access point with a pin for 10 seconds and didn't have any luck.


So do I need to try rebooting the device again and then trying to access in a browser following reset??



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Re: WNAP210 - Advice needed!

Assuming the flashing TEST LED does not indicate a lost or corrupt firmware (what might be recovered using a tftp process) - yes, direct connect the AP to a computer port configured for the ( network, with a different address but .239 of course, DNS and default gateway to a non-existing address like .1.. In case your computer OS does smart a** checks you need to tell the OS not to do any checks on apply.

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Re: WNAP210 - Advice needed!

Ah, see this is the thing....this didn't make sense to me :-( It all just sounds like jargon. I wish there was a simple way to explain how to do this!

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Re: WNAP210 - Advice needed!

Looks like cool summer project in the garage.

WNAP210 is end-of-life and end-of-support for a few years now. It is a 2.4Ghz only Access point.

On Hardware side :

WNAP210V2 has enough memory to load one of newer software. (it was EOL in 2017/18 ?)

WNAP210 has a smaller memory and i think it was EOL in 2012 itself. (do not quote me on it)


Assuming you got a WNAP210v2.  (it was one stable AP for 11N/Wi-fi 4 times. Wifi 5 started 2014 and still very good choice)


Since you got it on eBay. we have see what version of the software it was running.

1) you have check if it running Controller managed AP firmware


2) it is running a standalone AP firmware.


as Kurt was telling you with the manual. 


as intial setup:

Do a factory reset by press the pin hole for 10 seconds.

connect  your laptop ethernet port and Access point directly



Go to laptop control panel and setup static IP address.


then http to the AP. you can configure as per the manual.


If all that sounds too much.


Please check out newer WAC505, WAC510. they are one best value Access points out there.

WAC104/124 are also great access points in desktop-style.


All the 4 of them  have a modern ways to setup.


your windows PC file explorer you can discover them via upnp on network neighbourhood or

you can discover them via Insight app on your smart phone or

just connect your laptop to day zero SSID and type "" on the browser.

you will be on AP's local UI.


Stay safe and healthy.






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