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WNDAP 350 external antennas

Can anyone tell me if the two external antenna ports on the WNDAP350 correspond to the two frequencies? If so, which is which?

Anyone have any success with alternate antennas to boost the signal broadcast range? I have the unit downstairs and it can't reach the opposite upstairs corner - maybe 150' away.

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Re: WNDAP 350 external antennas

External are for 2.4Ghz. 5Ghz is built in only, as I understand it.
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Re: WNDAP 350 external antennas

I think so too
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Re: WNDAP 350 external antennas

I have the WNDAP350 too. The previous responses are correct - the external antennas are only for 2.4 GHz.

I bought two of the Netgear ANT2407 antennas to try to fix a similar problem:

They helped a bit but the farther end of the house is still not getting a good nor consistent signal. In one area towards the end of the house where WiFi usability drops off, the signal strength went from about 40% to 53% with the antennas and some fiddling around with how those are placed. The cables that come with the antennas are pretty short, like around 6', so that kind of limits how much you gain from using external antennas if you are trying to get around an obstacle. Past that point the signal is still not usable. That is not the fault of the antennas; just the way the place is physically laid out in terms of obstructions.

If you get some signal between the far corner of your house such as at the midway point between the WNDAP350 and the client devices in the far corner, you could use a Netgear WN2500RP or similar range extender.
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Re: WNDAP 350 external antennas

The other thing you may want to do is use software such as inSSIDer on a laptop to troubleshoot.

Check for the channels your neighbors are using on their access points - I found that almost everyone in our neighborhood is using channel 6, which I am guessing is the default. I switched my WNDAP350 to a different channel that wasn't used anywhere that inSSIDer could see and the performance got better immediately. That may help your situation in terms of the effective signal strength/performance, i.e.- if your neighbor at the far corner of your house is using the same channel as your AP, that may be interfering with your client devices there.
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