WNDAP350/WMS5316 setup question


WNDAP350/WMS5316 setup question

I currently have multiple WNDAP350 devices being managed accross my network. Currently they are being used so that company wireless devices can access the network.

I am trying to find a way to also have a guest wireless network for visitors and staff which will be able to access the internet but not the internal network.
I understand that this would be possible using separate SSIDs that are on different VLANs then setting up DHCP differently for each of the VLANS. Where I am getting confused with is how to set this up as the 'DHCP settings on the WMS controller seem to indicate wanting a separate WMS controller for each of the VLANs.

Is it possible to set up network separation based on SSIDs that are being broadcast from the same access point?
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