WNDAP350 wired to ADSL modem router


WNDAP350 wired to ADSL modem router

I have various laptops and PCs connected to my ADSL modem router forming a local network.


I have a WNDAP350 wired to the ADSL modem router to extend the wifi range.


However if I wifi connect to the WNDAP350, I cannot see the other computers and PCs connected to the ADSL modem router.


Is it possible to make the WNDAP350 a simple repeater for my ADSL modem router rather than a seperate access point?


If so how do you do you do this in the settings?

Model: WNDAP350|ProSafe Wireless-N Access Point
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Re: WNDAP350 wired to ADSL modem router

Hi gregaryb,


Welcome to our community! 🙂


There is a feature that we call Client Isolation. This option, when enabled, blocks communication between wireless clients that are associated with different VAPs.


Under the Configuration tab, select Wireless > From the sidebar, select Advanced, and then select Wireless Settings > Select the 802.11b/bg/ng tab and set the Client Isolation to "Disabled".


Here is the reference manual(page70).





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