WNDAP360 Multi Profile Connection Problems


WNDAP360 Multi Profile Connection Problems

I have been trying for many months to get the WNDAP360 (FW 2.1.5) to run multiple profiles to multiple devices. I use a Billion router (BIPAC 7800n), HP Probook 6450b & Dell XPS13 both with windows 7 pro and an iPad 2.

If I have 1 profile enabled I can connect all three devices. If enable multiple profiles, the connection is dropped and I get "unable to connect" message on the device.

I have tried all firmwares from 2.0.4 to the latest. I have run InSSIDer to check for interference but I don't have any other APs near me in the 5ghz band. I have tried with factory default settings and no security with the same result.

I was advised by technical support that it would be an ARP table issue and I should run the profiles on different VLANs.

I then got a managed switch and configured it for multiple VLAN on different subnets (tied together with a 'router-on-a-stick'). The AP security profiles have individual VLAN IDs.

This set up gives the same result; one profile enabled works fine but when you enable multiple profiles the connection is lost and the devices are unable to connect again.

Has anyone had success with multiple security profiles on the WNDAP360 ?
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Re: WNDAP360 Multi Profile Connection Problems

Did you manage to fix this ?

I have exactly the same issues with the WNDAP350 and WNDAP360.

Ive done all they above and more, I have bought 7 in the past 6 weeks for different customers and all having the same issues. Some using POE and some manually powerd.

Ive tried different levels of security, channels, and power settings, but the only thing that has worked is to replace the unit.

I currently have 3 oustanding cases with support, with 3 different customers using the 350 and 360. I will never buy another netgear product.:mad:
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Re: WNDAP360 Multi Profile Connection Problems

I have over 40 of these units (using the netgear wc7520 controller) each unit has a minimum of 2 different profiles for each g & a. I think the configuration is a lot easier if you have the controller unit.

You need a good understanding of VLANs and to follow the instructions carefully otherwise it's easy to create issues and loose communicaiton with the unit.

We don't have any problems with these units.
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