Re: WNDAP360 - Seamless Roaming?


WNDAP360 - Seamless Roaming?

Heya! I need two WAPs  with seamless roaming. The far end of the building are close enough to get weak signal from where the router is based, but not a good signal. So I'd like to replace it with two WAPs.

I've found two WNDAP360's online - will they provide seamless roaming, or will I need other gear to go with it/something completely different? 


Model: WNDAP360|ProSafe Wireless-N Access Point
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Re: WNDAP360 - Seamless Roaming?


Quick answer yes.

  you can deploy WNDAP360 in standalone mode with same SSID configured on both of them. clients will be able roam seamless without manual intervention. clients will choose the nearest AP based of signal strength.


But  WNDAP360 are 802.11n (Wi-Fi 4) AP.

Most of wireless clients in last few years have been 802.11AC (Wi-Fi 5) and

In 2020/2021  many clients that support 802.11AX (Wi-Fi 6) have come out.


other way this can be explained:

Buying a new WNDAP360 in 2021 is like buying i486 windows XP laptop in 2021 rather than i5 Windows 10 laptop.


We have mutiple choices of Wi-Fi 6 AP at different price points and formfactors.

 check out these out :

1) WAX610 (wall or ceiling mount) (even comes with 1 year free optional cloud manager. but almost all features work with local UI and no need Insight cloud manager).

2) WAX204 - Desktop version.

3) WAX214 - Ceiling/wall mount.



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Re: WNDAP360 - Seamless Roaming?

Also the WNDAP360 is extremely out of date and there is a delay between picking up a stronger AP when moving between locations.  


We have about 12 of them across two sites and they have not worked as consistently as we were told.  


As mentioned by previous post, there's much newer models available with newer WiFi compatibility and more recent firmware updates.

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