Wireless Controller Firmware & Enhancements Update v.


Wireless Controller Firmware & Enhancements Update v.

NETGEAR Wireless AP ControllerNETGEAR Wireless AP Controller

Controller firmware Version

We've added new features and functionality to the following Wireless AP Controllers. We would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

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WC7600v2 Firmware:

WC7500 Firmware:   

WC9500 Firmware:   


New features added:

  • Framed IP Attribute in RADIUS accounting packets for WAC7XX APs – this feature will enable the RADIUS server to get IP address hint prior to a user authenticating, accelerating the onboarding process.


  • Multiple Auto Channel Enhancements:
  1. Added a preview pop to show the list of channels allocated to APs.
  2. Different color coding for DFS, non-DFS, supported and not supported channels for a country.


  • Client rate limiting (WAC7XX)
    • The Admin use can now set the maximum bandwidth that can be used by a client. This feature will ensure network availability and business continuity in congested environments.


  • Several enhancements to the Firmware upgrade page.
    1. Displaying the firmware version on both the boot partitions.
    2. Option to upgrade either of the boot partitions.
    3. Option to select the partition to boot from.


Enactments to existing features:

  • Increased performance in high density & congested environments for WAC7X0 APs
  • Increased performance when mixed mode (11g, 11ng, 11a, 11na, 11ac) clients are connected to the network for WAC7X0 APs
  • Increased performance for multicast streaming for WAC7X0 APs resulting in better and smoother video distribution.

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