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Bought "used"/New Nighthawk C7000 - cable company rejected it - (Give it to me straight please)


Bought "used"/New Nighthawk C7000 - cable company rejected it - (Give it to me straight please)

I have a short story to tell about purchasing 2 used modem/router combos off Ebay in the past week and a half but I'll try to keep it brief. 1st modem I bought was a Surfboard ac1900 - bought it used and when I called to activate it, all the lights would come on for a bit before resetting back to its boot cycle and repeating that process ad infinitum..Me and tech support guy agreed that it was defective / a dud and just reactivated my old set-up and called it a day...Same night I contacted the seller and told him it was a dud and he gave me a refund and told me I could throw it away / recycle it - didn't even want it shipped back..Anyways few days later I'm still wanting another modem so I found a great deal on a used product of yours - My current modem that I bought 6 or so years ago is Netgear and it's treated me well so I figure it's a great product and the brand is solid and I jump on it because the price is good, buy it now $35 for a Nighthawk C7000v2 that was purchased in September last year ( https://imgur.com/a/Nsp5WNy ) - contacted seller beforehand asking if it's working and whatnot - Has it been activated before? Can I ship it back? (I said I'd pay for return shipping but he insisted he'd pay) and everything was straight with the auction. So I tried activating it by phone this morning with my cable provider and I got the same thing as last week with the Arris modem last time so now I know the gear in this Netgear is good and probably the Arris was probably good too (even if the Arris is an inferior modem). Are all these cable ISP + modem/router companies Illumaniti ◭👁


Originally I was thinking MAYBE this was all because I bought a used modem and maybe the serial numbers were bad and that would make sense but now I'm scared to even purchase A BRAND NEW modem from the store because if I go to my ISPs "upgrade modem" option on their website where they told me I could enter the serial# and HFCmac of a modem/router I'd like to upgrade, the only option it gives me is their $12/month rental fee of their outdated modem/router from 2012 that's like ac600. Still, I'm wrapping this whole story back to the private seller that I bought this Netgear Nighthawk C7000 from on Ebay that told me that Xfinity/Comcast gave him the same reach'around that Cox internet gave me when he tried to register this products serial # / HFC mac with their services with them back when it was purchased.."Supposedly" he never got a point where this device was actually connectable to the internet with their services after he'd fully purchased it from their retail store and the serial # was never registered anywhere. I hope you enjoyed my story and if you want an actual serial # I can provide, here a link to an imgur tho https://imgur.com/a/Nsp5WNy - it says 100NAS but the actual modem box says V2 btw

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Bought "used"/New Nighthawk C7000 - cable company rejected it - (Give it to me straigh

ISPs or 1st level support will not do much for some user owned modems. let alone push FW to user owned modems. Spectrum is a bad one for this. 


XF has been ok to get user owned modems to connect. Possible 1st level support doesn't know what there doing. 


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