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C3700 VPN Passthrough


C3700 VPN Passthrough

I'm unable to find the correct thread to post this in, and Netgear support has been absolutely terrible. So I am just going to post here. Feel free to move this topic if the correct thread exists.

I am trying to enable VPN Passthrough on my c3700 home router. I need to be able to connect to my VPN at work in able to get work done from home. For whatever reason, netgear has decided to not include this option in the firmware. As such as large company, I simply do not understand how this happens. But I digress.

I have found the following support page:

I have attempted to run this hotfix on my Windows 8.1 laptop. But immediately upon running the fix, I simply get "ret= 1" Press any key to continue..

It never asks for a password or shows any indication of having connected to the router. I have absolutely no idea what to do next, and I need to get this working so that I can connect into work. Extremely disappointed in Netgear.

Please advise ASAP.

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Re: C3700 VPN Passthrough

Try changing the admin password to "password" first.
Then run the script.

It worked in my case. The return code = 0 for me (was 30 before).

Try it.
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Re: C3700 VPN Passthrough

Thanks talam! I changed my modem/router password to "password" using the Netgear genie and it worked! Previously, I was receiving a return code of 401. NOTE: If you have devices other than your computer connected to your network, don't forget to change your password back to your original. @ cpderic: I also had a substandard technical support experience with NetGear as chat, e-mail, and phone support all proved to be equally bad. I was ready to pack up the C3700 modem/router to return and buy another brand but talam's fix saved me the hassle.
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Re: C3700 VPN Passthrough

The tech support was not helpful at all but I'm having the same problem... when I run the hot fix I'm getting ret=0 but I still can't connect to my VPN.


Any suggestions

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