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C3700 - loss of internet


C3700 - loss of internet



I've had this modem since last year and recently has been dropping connections since last saturday night (6/17/2017) and continues to do so at random times in the day. This morninig I woke up and the internet was down again. I've tried resetting my home network, contacted my provider as well. The only conclusion I've come to is that the modem is overheating. Never had this issue before but I unplugged my modem and left it off for a few minutes, booted back up and began working again. The many times this week I tried resetting by waiting 30 seconds did not resolve the issue before. I have the modem placed near a window where a cool breeze enters the room but even that is not enough as I still experience loss of internet. I've also tried changing out the power supply with no success.


Any suggestions that could resolve this? Current firmware version is V2.02.08

Model: C3700|N600 Cable Gateway Docsis 3.0
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Re: C3700 - loss of internet

Hello Joe08


Are you able to post your cable logs from the modem this may help find the issue.



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