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C6300 DynDNS access problem


C6300 DynDNS access problem

I can not login via iPhone app to a couple of local services (CCTV & Security) on my network via the C6300's wifi while using my dns address (example johndoe.dipmap.com). The services work fine when I am using the iPhone/iPad on 4G/LTE. The "apps" do work when addressed/routed with wifi using their actual address ( My DNS address actually worked for the 1st day after installation until I started adding devices to the Reserved Lan IP address table. Any ideas?
This C6300 is an upgrade from my CG3000D which has been performing properly for a couple of years. This upgrade is to increase wifi range and bandwidth.

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Re: C6300 DynDNS access problem

I am having a similar problem. I can access my camera NVR from my dyndns externally, but when I enter host name in my home on the 192.x network, it resolves to the router instead of the camera NVR.

I should point out, I'm using uPNP to successfully get through necessary port over the internet.
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