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C7000 LAN ports not working


C7000 LAN ports not working

I have a 2 year old AC1900 Nighthawk cable modem router. LAN ports 1&2 only give me a local network connection with no internet. Port 3 is seemingly dead entierly (no lights or conncectivity) and port 4 the green light is stuck on even with nothing plugged in. When i do plug something in, it is seemingly dead as I have no conncectivity. Wifi works perfectly fine but unfortunately I have some devices that require a hard wire connection. Anyone have a solution to this? I have seen this issue (or very similar ones) posted with no viable solutions. Thanks in advance.

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: C7000 LAN ports not working

Sounds like you might have had a hardware failure. 2 things you can try. 

1. Try a factory reset. maybe something isn't working and a factory reset is needed. Push and hold reset while its powered on until the lights change

2.contact your isp and see if they can repartition it. When they partition it, it should reload the firmware. Maybe the firmware was corrupted and needs to be reinstalled. Factory resetting only erases settings, it doesn't load a backup firmware. 


The problem with combo devices is that the ISP controls the firmware so you're limited in what you can do to try to fix issues. 

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